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  • Guests who make their reservations in advance should check-in at the Guest House counter to receive their room tickets.
  • Since we provide our room based on booking orders, our guests should not designate rooms on specific floor or with specific view.
  • Room photos posted on the official website is for reference only, the real objects should be considered as final.
  • Check in time is 15:00 pm and check out time is 11:00am. A total of NT$300 will be charge for each hour of late checkout.
  • A total of NT$500 cleaning fee should be charge for guests who checkout at least 1 hour after check-in. A half-day rent should be charged for guests who checkout at least 4 hours after check-in, while total rent should be charged for guests who checkout at least 8 hours after check-in.
  • Smoking is prohibited throughout Qingjing Guest House. Please do not smoke in your room so as to avoid triggering the fire system.
  • To avoid danger, please do not use electric appliances and gas appliances that are not originally equipped in the rooms.
  • Damage to hotel property caused by guest will be charged at discretion of the Management.
  • To maintain good accommodation environment, please do not bring your pets into the hotel.
  • Since our hotel is located at mountain district with cool whether all year round, we do not provide air conditioning system throughout the hotel.
  • Should actual lodger number surpass the estimated number, an additional NT$500 is be charged for each additional lodger (with breakfast ticket, Green Green Grasslands tickets, and Small Swiss Garden tickets still provided). Children under the age of 6 or under the height of 115cm are exempted from this additional charge. To maintain accommodation quality, a maximum of 1 person can be added to each room.
  • Should additional bed be added (with NT$500 for each bed), please contact us through phone call in advance. A maximum of 1 bed can be added to each room. Should our hotel be fully booked, this service will be cancelled. However, quadruple bed room and above are not limited to the aforementioned restriction.
  • To maintain good accommodation environment, public area (including game room, fitness room, and campsite) are only opened until 9:00 pm.
  • Based on room types, we provide our guests with breakfast, Green Green Grasslands ticket, and Small Swiss Garden ticket.
  • Additional charge will be incurred for guests who dine at the Chinese Restaurant, Western Restaurant or Afternoon Tea built within Qingjing Guest House, with total service charge of 10% fully exempted.