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Surrounded by several popular tourist spots (such as Tourist Recreational Center, Qingjing Garden, Animal Husbandry, Shoushan Park, Small Swiss Garden, Qingjing Campsite, and the Green Green Grasslands), Qingjing Guest House provides its visitors with all kinds of in-depth ecological tour. 
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    Comfortable and Relaxing Lodging Environment.

    Located amidst all the beautiful sceneries 1,750 meters above sea level, Qingjing Guest House provides its visitors with a legal, safe, and relaxing lodging environment, with a total of 128 suites to accommodate a maximum of 420 persons. In addition, Qingjing Guest House is also the only 3-star hotel officially qualified for its sewage treatment system and safety & health system at the entire Qingjing District.

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    Established in July, 1985, Qingjing Guest House is situated 7.5km north of the Provincial Route 14-A.
    Known as a “Foggy Eden” far away from the city area in the mountain, Qingjing Guest House is the largest hotel in the local district which is great for those who enjoy fresh air, lush forests, acre of flowers along the plains and hillsides, and beautiful starry nights. Located at an altitude of 1,750 meters above sea level, the average temperature for Qingjing Guest House is between 16°C and 22°C.

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Elegant Dining Environment.

Chinese Restaurant and Steak House are built within Qingjing Guest House to provide our honored guests with an elegant dining environment.
Conference room which can accommodate approximately 70-100 persons are provided to our guests. Furthermore, various hotel facilities are also provided to meet our guests’ specific needs.
We offer various kinds of Chinese and Western delicacies during mealtime. Your satisfaction is our top priority.


About Qingjing Farm.

Situated at the Renai Township of Nantou County, Qingjing Farm is known as “Foggy Eden” far away from the city area in the mountain due to its beautiful sceneries, majestic mountains, fresh air, and mild weather. Scenic spots such as Puli, Sun Moon Lake, Wushe, Lushan Hot Spring, Ceuifeng, and Hehuanshan, Qingjing Farm have formed a series tourist attraction that attracts visitors from near and far.


Far away from the city in the mountain, Qingjing is indeed a popular tourist spot all year around: spring for flowers, summer for coolness, autumn for maples and winter for snow.